Are your Operations IT Resilient?

In the fast evolving IT sphere, success is measured by the capacity of an enterprise to move beyond Disaster Recovery and build an IT infrastructure that embraces change, mitigates any disaster or interruption and creates uninterrupted business.

What is IT Resilience?

IT Resilience on the PlatformPlus Platform is a more proactive approach to business continuity, which focuses on continuous availability of business-critical data rather than focusing on recovery after the fact. Automation and simplification of replication and recovery are key parts of resilience, which ensure the availability of your applications and data at any time.

How is IT Resilience Different from Disaster Recovery?

Today, IT disruptions aren’t usually hurricanes, floods or fires. It’s more often related to ransomware attack, human error or deploying new infrastructure. To achieve IT Resilience, our infrastructure goes beyond backup and disaster recovery and provides a complete solution with no dependencies on hypervisors, hardware or clouds. We provide you with all the tools necessary to respond quickly to planned and unplanned disruptions.

  • Replication & Disaster Recovery

  • Offsite Backup & Data Protection

  • Automated Failover, Failback & Testing

  • Reduce Recovery Point Objectives & Recovery Time Objectives (RPO & RTO)

  • Complete BC/DR Solution: Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

  • Recovering from Ransomware

Continuous Data Protection

On the PlatformPlus Platform, all your servers, applications and data systems are protected with Continuous Data Protection in the form of incremental block-level replication with journal history gives you the ability to:

Re-wind sites, applications, Virtual Machines’s and individual files to any point-of-time within up to 14 days to within a matter of seconds.

Recover all critical systems and applications with consistency in the space of a few minutes with only a few clicks of the button.

Test recovery data in an isolated bubble network to ensure that the recovery point selected is free from any form of infection before committing the failover.

Move Beyond Backup and Recovery, to IT Resilience

In today’s connected world, your business needs to be available to customers, 24/7. Strats Cloud’s enterprise grade IT resilience solutions provide you with the ability to withstand any disruption, easily incorporate new technology, and quickly adapt to accommodate evolving IT priorities.